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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Stitch Blogger Question

Do you do your stash shopping at your LNS, ONS, or both? Which do you like better? Why?

I've been very fortunate that there were three excellent LNS within three quarters of an hour's drive. There's a fourth that's about an 1.5 hour drive that is so worth the drive. It's in a small town with boutique shops and a gazebo in the town square (and a great knitting store, too). All four typically had what I wanted, but if not, they've been very responsive to get me what I needed. I've always bought my floss at JoAnn Fabrics. I've spent more than my fair share at the LNS's to not feel bad about that!

I like going to a LNS because you get to see projects up close and completed projects. The rapport built up with the owner (and those who work there) is another benefit, like going into Cheers. If I have a question, I can stop by for help, and they've put aside projects they think I'll like (because they know my tastes in projects).

Since getting back into cross stitch, the closest one (and my favorite) had closed. (oh, I hope it wasn't my lack of patronage that led to the shop's demise - I was a VERY good customer! LOL ;o)

Recently, I saw a project I wanted to do (Snapperville, actually), and ended up buying it online - my first. It felt...odd, probably because I've always shopped in a LNS.

I think I will continue to get my supplies from my LNS unless I can't get what I need. I guess it's the principal of supporting local businesses.


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