Singular Stitches: Yes, I'm actually still around...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Yes, I'm actually still around...

Holey moley! It's been almost 10 days since my last post. My, how time flies!

Things have been quiet around here (and not much to report!). We've had a lot of rainy days recently (nothing like the rain they've received in New England!). Enough cool, damp weather to make me all achey (particularly the fingers), so any stitching I've done has been really slow going.

Here is actual proof that I have been stitching:


This is the beginnings of my RR (that will officially begin in July). Autumn is my favorite season, so I decided to complete my part (Autumn Sampler) first before sending it off. It's on #25 Mushroom Lugana (REAL Lugana). It's a bit stiff, so over the course of stitching, I've stuck my right middle finger enough with the needle (I'm left handed, BTW) that I have been using a thimble, which has made my stitching even slower. (I knew there was a reason why I prefer Jobelan over Lugana!)

I've also been doing a little work on Meow Blocks Flip-It and Love my Cat which look suspiciously like my kitties! I just can't resist! :o)


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