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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Subbing to my blog feed via Bloglines

For some reason, if you tried to subscribe to my blog's feed from the Bloglines splash page, it would never find my blog (unless you used the direct subscription link I put in my right sidebar to subscribe to my blog's feed). I've found this to be true for a number of blogs created through Blogger. Not sure why, but I've submitted a few incident reports about it, but Bloglines could only respond that they knew of the problem, but did not have a solution.

I admit that I'm generally a lazy person and really have come to rely on Blogline's subscription service to read blogs, and those that I could not subscribe to I added to my IE favorites list, but being the creature of habit that I am, I would read the updates via Bloglines but forget to look at the blogs in my favorites list. And, of course, my favorites list at work is different from my list at home.

So, I overcame inertia, and began to add that list of Non-Bloglines blogs to my sidebar at right. No sooner did I do this for the majority of my cross stitch blogs (I was going to tackle my knitting blog list next), Bloglines seems to have figured it out.

This means that my blog (and a bunch of other Blogger blogs) can now be subscribed to from the Blogspot website directly.

Yay technology!

And, on a cross stitch note, my RR Lizzie Kate Autumn Sampler is completed!


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