Singular Stitches: My monthly update...and I do have some progress!

Friday, November 02, 2007

My monthly update...and I do have some progress!

It's now November and the cold-sweat realization that I have to put more time into my Christmas presents than just during lunch is beginning to settle in.

Here's the latest progress on Dad's sock. (You'd think I was reproducing the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in knit by how long it's taken me on this sock! (I'm still on the first sock! - you can stop laughing now. Really.)

With some luck, I'll get both done and the poor man won't have to hop!

I will try to post a picture of my Mum's sock soon. You could just look at the picture of Dad's sock, and imagine the colors are black, gold, white and grey.

And while I don't have a new picture, I've been knitting a bit on MIL's scarf. Here's an old picture. The update is really the same, just longer. With some luck, she might get this before the Spring thaw.

And 'lo and behold, I've picked up my cross stitch!

...I'll give you a minute to pick yourself back up off the floor...

Yes, DH and I have been watching the English series 'To the Manor Born' (very 70's, but funny), and I was looking for something to do while watching and just happened to pick up my Batch of Pumpkins.

I've finished filling in all of the icons on each pumpkin, and have started filling in the orange. I have the top one done and am about 1/2 way through filling in the second pumpkin down.

I can feel that pull of blogging starting up again, so who knows, you might not have to wait until December for another post! :o)


Anonymous Jenna said...

Sorry, it took me a while to get up off the floor. Glad to hear you're stitching again. :) Though, I have to admit, I enjoy watching your knitting progress, as well!

Monday, November 05, 2007 2:06:00 PM  

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